“She just stopped breathing”

15 Jul 2021

“She just stopped breathing”

how our story began

YelloHalo CEO Graeme Blake will never forget the terror he felt when his newborn daughter, Pixie, stopped breathing. At just six days old, Graeme and his wife Julie were barely home from the hospital when they found themselves living every parent’s worst nightmare. 

“She was in the middle of breastfeeding when her eyes went glassy, and she literally stopped breathing.” 

“I still remember feeling absolutely panicked. I had no idea what to do. I felt completely helpless holding this tiny, new person in my arms who I wasn’t able to help,” says Graeme. 

Luckily, after a call to 111, the local ambulance service turned up. Graeme says these people were calm, they took control, and they knew exactly what to do when he did not. 

“These people turned up in what felt like 30 seconds. And their actions saved my little girls life. I remember thinking that they were absolute heroes. I was in awe of them,” says Graeme.


That was five years ago. And ever since, Graeme and Julie have wanted to do something to give back to these frontline heroes. 

That’s why, in late 2020, Graeme set up New Zealand’s first charity broadband provider, YelloHalo, to give 100% of profits back to frontline ambos – like those who saved Pixie’s life. 

Graeme says that YelloHalo offers two things: a great broadband service and a new way for Kiwis to support the frontline ambos who save lives in our communities every day. 

“We’ve found a better way to offer broadband. From just $69, you can get unlimited broadband and the profits that would otherwise go offshore or to shareholders, go back into our communities,” says Graeme.


Pixie recently started school and is a happy, healthy little girl. And Graeme says that she is alive today thanks to the quick-thinking ambulance workers that saved her life.  

“To this day, it gives me a chill to think about what could have happened,” says Graeme.

YelloHalo is all about giving Kiwis a great way to support those who are there when we need them most. 

“There are thousands of Kiwis with stories similar to mine. YelloHalo gives all Kiwis the chance to say thank you to these unsung heroes,” says Graeme.